Congratulations to Laura Armstrong

“Enjoy the process; be grateful every day you get to do something that brings so much joy.” - Laura Armstrong

The Kingsgate Skating Club is delighted to announce that our member Laura Armstrong has been recognized by the U.S. Figure Skating Adult Committee in a featured post on Facebook!

At our club, we cherish all of our members, presenting them with opportunities to experience the joy of our sport. Laura shares, "I've explored almost all disciplines of skating. I first competed in Bronze free skate and showcase and joined the Washington Ice Emeralds synchronized skating teams after moving to Seattle. I began ice dancing last year and love it! This past year I competed in bronze solo dance events and have especially enjoyed learning free dance tricks and performing in local shows with my coach. I hope to keep learning dances, to increase the difficulty in my solo free dance and to keep learning all the lifts and tricks because it's fun to fly! I hope to do my first ISU competition and to see all my skating friends at our yearly reunion at Adult Championships."

We are honored to have members like Laura who are devoted to the many aspects of figure skating, and who embrace our motto, "Live, Love, Skate."

Laura reveals, "I love the work. I love the tiny improvements every day. I love the process, and I truly love to skate. I am so grateful to my coaches and my skating family because I wake up excited every day to go to the rink and to keep learning."